9 Factors For Building A Great Life

Imagine that your life is like a safe or treasure vault.

And inside this safe, is packed all the life success, prosperity, fulfillment, meaning, passion, excitement and power you will ever need to achieve any goal, any dream, or any thing you can believe possible.

All this ability, strength, power is already residing inside you, in your personal life’s safe simple because God has place it there Himself.

Now nothing in this safe is hidden from you, actually, it is hidden for you…for whatever your life purpose is.

Now imagine that only you can open this safe…

…all you have to do is use your personal secret combination – the correct alignment of life factors – and bingo, the doors to all this power in your life swings wide open.

But here’s where things get really interesting…

No one, including you, is born with this secret personal combination of life factors already in their hands.

…And this is because of something called your ‘unique design system’

God designed us so that we all would have to do a little exploring, learning, and growing to develop into the individual who can properly harness this great power that lies within each of us…in our safes.

But why is the necessary?

Think about this!

…would you give a 10 year old kid the keys to your brand new Mercedes Benz and tell them to go for a thrill ride?

No you won’t…and why not?

Simply because he probably won’t be able to handle the power, responsibility etc that comes with the gift

…so when do you give it to them?

You’d say “when they’re old enough, but actually it is when they have developed into the individual who can harness the power of this machine and use it properly

And this is the #1 reason why our unique design system is pre-programmed to push us to search…

So, every life on this planet begins with a search for this personal secret combination to access the full power and potential that lives in them.

But here’s a question?

Why are we born with such great power inside us and yet have to find a personal combination to unlock it?

That doesn’t make sense!

Here’s the answer…

Something powerful happens in your life when you begin to explore…an new exciting world begins to unfold right before your very eyes. Exploring causes you to learn new things; meet other special people; uncover what you are really capable of; expand your thinking and your vision; it helps broaden your perspective.

It helps produces meaning and a reason for living – and aren’t we all after meaning in our lives?

It is this crazy driving force in you to explore, find your combination, and unlock this power that causes you to not be satisfied with a mediocre, meaningless life; it drives you to want more.

Because you want more out of life and something deep inside says that you can have it, you search for more, and that search becomes a raging passion deep within your soul that drives you to succeed; you can’t give up, you won’t quit even if you have to be awake all hours of the night searching for your personal combination; it becomes a jet engine that become a one-way ticket straight into the heart of success.

God’s Amazing Success Formula is all about exploring the various elements (life factors) that make up a secret combination, and how to uncover the clues that already exist in your life which will help you to put those factors together in the correct order, to unlock your life’s treasure vault and access your God given power to succeed…

Okay, let’s begin with the 9 Life Factors, I’ll introduce them to you briefly here, and then go over each one individually so you understand what it, how it affects your ability to succeed, and how to apply it to your life for results. 

So here they are:

  1. The Initiation-Point Factor
  2. The Design Factor
  3. The Touch-Point Factor
  4. The Contribution Factor
  5. The Asset Factor
  6. The Administration Factor
  7. The Dominance Factor
  8. The Perspective Factor
  9. The Unique Greatness Factor

Now because I don’t want to make this post too long, I’m going to break it up into shorter sections so you can easily move through the concept. 

So click on each of the 9 life factors above, and you will be able to learn what each one is, how it works, and how to apply it to your life for improved success.

Bye for now!