The Perspective Factor

The perspective factor deals with your specific point of view, your mind-set or attitude towards life. It is really about your “Internal View” of life…

The perspective factor is what allows you to take in or adopt ideas, thoughts, concepts, principles etc. and merge them into your personal life so well that they become your own.

This then helps create an internal view of how the world works to you…

Now the perspective factor ties in perfectly with what we have just discussed concerning the dominance factor because dominance is about right positioning or vantage point, and perspective is either improved or made worse based on where you are positioned.

Let me explain…

Imagine that you walked into the woods one day looking at the beauty of nature and admiring God’s handy work when you realize that you are lost.

You look around but all the trees, plants, and surrounding environment looks alike. You can’t figure out which way you came from nor which way you should be going.

Now imagined you watched a survival show on tv and you remembered that if you climbed up a high tree and could get a better perspective of your surroundings, you could get your bearings.

So, you climbed up the tallest tree you saw and once you reached high enough or a good position, you realized that the road was a few feet in the left direction…all you had to do was climb down and walk left and bingo…you were back in civilization.

Now because you found a better position up in the tree, you were able to get a better perspective of where you were and where you need to go to succeed.

But your perspective also has a way of coloring your world or conforming everything around you to what you see.

So much so that – Your perspective influences your attitude… and the right attitude is so important to your success that Jesus spent an entire afternoon teaching people on a hillside about attitudes being the keys to unlocking numerous things in their lives.

Then your attitudes will always generate actions.

So your perspective also influences your actions – and your actions will always decide what you end up with. It is what you do that will produce the results you are after – and what you do, or you actions is affected by how you approach life, or you attitudes.

And finally, your perspective actually influences your world and is the deciding factor in whether you succeed or fail.

Your perspective is shaped by three simple things:

  • Your Position: which is about where you are in your life; think about the story of being lost in the woods you read earlier on;
  • Your Experiences: which is about what you have faced and how you have allow that to impact you. I like what Tony Robbins said “We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”
  • Your Environment: which is about what you are surrounded by

So, How Do You Reshape Your Perspective?

Change your position – mentally, spiritually, etc.

Change how you allow experiences to affect you – you can choose that they make you weaker, or stronger

Change what and who surrounds you – if they are no longer beneficial to where you are going, let them go.

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