The Design Factor

The Design Factor, what is it?

There is a specific way in which your life is designed to function, move, grow etc. which is different from everyone else; you probably already know it as uniqueness.

Uniqueness is vitally important to succeeding because it releases a specific arrangement of your life’s abilities, skills, dreams, ideas, and strengths which are designed for you to use in a specific way to achieve optimal life fulfillment and success.

Here’s a question…

Your first response probably is – ‘Daytime Television Celebrity Show Hosts’ right?

But beyond the fact that they are working in the same industry, literally everything else about their is totally different. 

Oprah’s shows focuses on a different type of audience from Jerry and Ellen; Ellen has a totally different personality from Oprah and Jerry; Jerry entertains in a different way from Oprah and Ellen  – yet, they are wildly successful in their exploits.


Because none of them are trying to become each other – they bring their unique styles, personalities, attitudes, and interests to their shows – and it is that uniqueness that makes them stand out!

My point is that you are designed to function at your best when you are working from a perspective that allows you to be you and live according to your unique life design as give you by God.

Listen, you can never be me, and I will never possess your wits, your brilliance, your strengths and all the incredible things that make you who you uniquely are, so why try to imitate you – heck, I’ll fail before I even start.

And this is what really sucks about trying to do what others do to get to success – it goes against the natural order of succeeding and living. You are born to be you!

Here is an example of how your design factor works!

What if I gave you 2 eggs, 1 chicken breast, water, and flour? Do you realize that you can combine those simple 4 ingredients in many different combination?

You could make scrambled eggs with chicken and gravy; or coat the chicken with the flour and eggs and deep fry it; or cut up the chicken and mix in the eggs for a nice scramble and use the flour to make soft pancakes etc. the point is that the way you combine the ingredients are based on your own uniqueness and what you like.

Your abilities, talents, experiences, gifts, knowledge and everything that goes into your unique design as an intelligent human being are the same way. 

Even though there are countless others on this planet that possess your same abilities, we all combine them totally different to affect our lives and the lives of others.

This is the main reason you must succeed in your unique way – because when you find success, it will be easier to maintain, you’ll enjoy it more, and it will last almost indefinitely.

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