The Asset Factor

The asset factor is used primarily in business organizations to determine what type of collateral and capital is available to the company for investment purposes.

But this same principle can be applied to your personal life, and it is usually done by highly successful people.

For this example…

The Asset Factor is the amount of useful abilities, skills, talent, gifts etc that are stored in your life that has the power to impact one person’s life, or impact a city, nation, or the world.

Did you realize that when any company or group looks at you to determine in you are eligible for a job, raise, or simply how valuable you are to them, your hidden assets are taken into account more than your material possessions.

They look at your personality, your influence, you knowledge, your skills, your motivation, your enthusiasm, etc. these secret powers you possess can help decide if a company grows or dies; this is one of the reasons why most smart companies invest in their human assets so much.

Now what about you?

Have you really taken your life assets into account when you begin to decide what you are worth, or do you make the common mistake of just using your house, car, stereo set etc as your life valuation system?

When God approached Moses at the Red Sea while the Israelites were trying to escape Pharaoh, God asked Moses one simple question – “What do you have in your hand?” Moses’s reply was, “Just a rod”.

God’s response –  “I can work with that, now stretch it out over the Red Sea and see what is possible”.

You see, the assets in your life are given to help you contribute something significant to others on this planet, so they are special. If you have been overlooking the power that is already available in your life, you have been ignoring your REAL Power to succeed.

Here is a simple place to start with this!

In you life, recognize that you have your personality, your influence, you knowledge, your skills, your motivation, your enthusiasm, your gifts etc. This means that all of these things you can use as leverage (using a small amount of power/ability to create a great return) to create more than you had before. 

You can leverage and use these assets already at your disposal, anywhere is the world!

The most important question at this point is:

“How Do I Leverage The Assets In My Life?”

To do this, you need to connect with three simple things.

The first is KNOWLEDGE:

The second is VISION: 

The third is FAITH:

Once you would have connected with knowledge, vision, and faith, these three simple things will begin to unlock refreshing ways for leveraging the assets you have in your life to produce even more powerful results leading towards better happiness and more fulfillment.

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