The Touchpoint Factor

Your Touchpoint factor consists of two things:

  • the area you are design to positively impact such as business, politics, religion, family life, academics, science etc;
  • the people you are born to impact with your life such as those in your community, your school, your church, your workplace etc.

Your touch point is simply the point at which your life touches or intersects with the world – and I’d say that I believe this has an amazing ability for helping simplify your life by narrowing your focus to what’s really important for you touch with your life

Here is an example!

My touch-point factor involves helping people improve the quality of their lives. I enjoy seeing people succeed at life because I know what it feels like to fail and live miserably, and I don’t believe that we are created to live frustrated, miserable, meaningless lives.

So because I understand the type of people that my life has the most impact on, I don’t really focus my time and energy on everyone. I know that what I have to offer will not appeal to everyone, so I don’t try to impact everyone.

But for me there is a specific group of people that enjoy me sharing my life with them, and they are excited to learn, grow and succeed; it is this group that I focus on because they are the people that I am create to touch with my life.

Being able to help someone succeed and have them send an e-mail, call me on the phone, write a letter, or just walk up to me with a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eyes that say, “thanks Conrad, I get it!” is what I live for. I’ll stay up late nights, get up early, travel to other countries just to help them succeed because it touches their lives in special ways, and my life is touched by doing it.

That’s why the touch-point factor is powerful.

Your Takeaway

Determine who you want to positively impact with your God-given purpose, gifts and abilities; then start touching those people in small way – whether around your community, your church, business, etc.

Tony Robbins tells the story of how as a kid he and his family were struggling financially so badly that one thanksgiving holiday, they literally had nothing to eat. A stranger, knocked at the door and offer them a full thanksgiving meal and that one experience has so touched his life that he has been working to feed millions of hungry families during the holidays for years.

Some stranger touched him with their kindness when he was a child, now as a man, he is moving to touch others with kindness.

How will you impact those around you?

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