The Dominance Factor

Now I want you to understand that there is a difference here between what you have probably been taught or have seen concerning dominion. 

And please note, God’s version is totally different from what the world believes.

Most of the world sees dominance as absolute control and tyranny; their philosophy about dominion is tied in this statement – “you’d better do what I say or else”

That’s not what we are talking about in this post, so pay attention so you have a clear understanding of what I mean.

The version of dominion here we’re talking about is closely connected with your administration factor, and produces what I call the “Expert Model” status in your life.

Now don’t worry, I’ll explain everything, and hey, you can always ask questions or make your valuable comments below on the blog.

The Dominance Factor is about properly positioning yourself to have maximum impact, based on your life’s purpose, rather than trying to manipulate or control others to do your selfish deeds.

I believe that it is really God’s way of saying “Success will come to you because you decide to become an expert in the abilities I have deposited into your life!”

Your dominance factor is designed to open the door to your life’s advantageous place – this is a place designed specifically for you that already holds the prosperity, success, power & influence, so that you can have optimal impact in your God-given assignment.

You have been given an ability, a gift, a passion or area or responsibility that you are called to dominate or become an expert in that field.

…And an expert is someone we all look for when we are trying to solve a specific problem in our lives.

As a matter of fact, there are probably tons of valuable information and experiences that you have in your life right now, that you could put me in a classroom and teach me for weeks; and I would be stunned at the depth of your wisdom, understanding, and knowledge in that area.

But here’s the thing…

What are you doing with all that power in your life?

It is actually your life’s assignment to uncover that greatness, develop it, and share it with others to help them also improve the quality of their lives. And it will mushroom into something that you will be known for either in your small circle of influence or worldwide.

That is what you are really created to dominate.

To really leverage the power of the “Dominance Factor” you must begin by making a decision to become an expert with what your life offers other. Once you have made that decision, to receive maximum benefit, you must become a highly influential expert.

Here’s how you do that…

All highly influential experts CHOOSE MASTERY

They know they can’t master everything, so they master one thing before they move to the next; they master one topic, one subject matter, one way of contributing etc. before moving onto something else.

Most people never become experts at what their life offers simply because they dabble – they don’t focus and make the decision to become great at what they do.

One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.

Tony Robbins

Your assignment is to figure where you want to begin your mastery. This could be based on your passion, your knowledge, or your experiences, but you have to decide where you will start.

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