Growing Big Dreams From Small Seeds

Uncommon Dreamers are everyday ordinary people who simply had a dream and pursued their dream until it became a reality.

Uncommon Dreamers have have literally changed the world, and today, they are still changing and shaping the way we live, what we eat, and how we connect with others on this planet.

But, most of us only see the end product of that dream – we see it in it’s magnificence but never realize that it all started from somewhere small – and that we too have the same ability to start small with our dreams, and build something so uncommonly great, that we remembered long after we’re gone.

Thomas Edison was a dreamer; Martin Luther King Jr. was a dreamer; Mother Teresa was a dreamer; and dare I say that within you beats the heart of a dreamer too!

So how do you get started with moving from the dream to the reality?

Looking across the landscape of our age, the skyline in many cities today is dotted with skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, so, let’s use the example of building a skyscraper to connect with 5 simple principles for building your dreams.


Every idea for building something great, begins in the mind of the creator.

The builders of those skyscrapers, let’s use Donald Trump in this instance, begins by imagining the lives his idea will impact in meaningful ways. He  begins by connecting with the value that this idea will bring to the community or marketplace.

In the case of his business skyscraper, Donald thinks about the business that will be able to have a place to set up shop; the people that will be employed in these business; the people who will be able to take care of their families by the jobs provided; the investors who will be able to put their money to use and gain a return on their investments by helping out these new business owners finance their dreams etc.

As you start with your dream, think about the value that you will be able to produce to help others improve their quality of their lives; think about how your dream will affect your community; think about the rewards you will receive by share what’s in your heart as a blessing to others

When you are building your dreams, keep in mind that God created you to have big dreams because He also wanted your dreams to leave an impact on this world – so, think about who your dreams will impact. Martin Luther King Jr. thought about his children.


Donald next moves his ideas to a bunch of papers called a blueprint where he maps out exactly how the building will look. He does this so that those who are helping him build his dream, can see what he has had in his mind and can help him produce it in the real world.

This is not a new concept, as a matter of fact, in the Bible, Habakkuk 2:2 says “write the vision and make it plain so he who reads it can help work to build it”.

Writing it out is the first step in bringing your ideas to life.

When you write it out, this is the first time it ever exists outside your imagination, it has now entered the real world in written form.

Writing it out also helps you to make it understandable. You can simplify it so others can see exactly what you are dreaming about.

Why is this important?

Because many times, your life’s vision will be too big for you to build all alone; you will need others to help you bring it to life and they need a clear understanding of what you are building in order to help you build it.


Donald’s next step will be moving forward with clearing the property where he will build his dream. This is done to remove everything that will not be apart of his building project. He also removes anyone that will not help him reach his goal because they will be a distraction and only get in the way of construction.

When you begin building your dreams, you too must clear your space to build. You start by getting rid of all the distractions in your life that will not help to propel you forward and are really nothing more than dead weight that will hold you back.

You also remove people from your life that will only get in your way and derail your project instead of pushing it ahead.

The only people you want on your “construction site” are the productive workers – you never want dream killers around you [those people who find every reason why something will not work].


Having cleared away all the clutter, Donald and his team will go down, before they go up.

They know that the bigger and higher the structure will be, the deeper and stronger the foundation must be to not only support the weight of structure, but to ensure that it stands against storms, the elements, and even time.

If you watch the builder lay his foundation, you will immediately realize that at this point, this project looks nothing like the picture of the skyscraper he has erected at the entrance of the construction site, but he is on the right path so he keeps building.

You will definitely need a foundation to support and stabilize your vision against the changes of life just as the skyscraper needs one for support and stability against the weather, earthquakes, and forces that will act against its structure.

One of the best ways to do this is to surround yourself with positive people who will help support your dreams and push you towards your goals.

A good support network can help you through the hard times even push you forward even when you feel like giving up.


Bit by bit the Donald and his team, his investors, even his critics watch as his skyscraper rises out of the ground until finally everyone sees and enjoys the fullness of his dream and vision.

Even though things go wrong, certain jobs fall behind schedule, people criticize him, weather stops the work, the Donald keeps moving forward until one day, his vision is completed.

You will have issues to face as you too build your dreams, sometimes things just don’t work out like they should, sometimes you get discouraged, but never, never quit or give up.

Always keep moving forward in spite of the difficulties and setbacks because your completed dream or vision is waiting for you at the finish line.

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