The Initiation Point Factor

Let’s begin with the Initiation-Point Factor

What is it?

It’s about finding your strategic arena; your right or appropriate place; in short, it’s all about your perfect environment; it’s about finding exactly where you fit in life, because when you do, success seems to be attracted to that perfect place.

I’ve found this to be true not only in my life, but the lives of other successful people I’ve studied.

There’s just something amazing about finding your own unique place in life; you don’t have to guess anymore because you just know it is right for you. 

And you see proof that you are in the right place because things you tried and fail miserably at elsewhere, somehow just seem to fall into place here – it just works.

Have you ever had a similar type of experience where you were in a specific type of environment or around a specific group of people and whatever you attempted to do just worked? 

If you ever wondered about what happened, believe it or not, you were probably in your strategic arena and didn’t realize it.

So, how do you know when you have found your appropriate place? What are the clues that you are getting closer?

One of my favorite examples is what I call the “Brilliant Fish Theory”.

Have you ever seen a fish in an aquarium before?

If you think back, didn’t he just make swimming look so easy as he cruised around with a mere flap of his tail through the cool water? Didn’t he look brilliant?

Now have you ever seen a fish out of water?

He shakes, wiggles, and flaps helplessly as he tries to exist outside his perfect environment.

Yet not only does he look foolish, but he also will fail miserable and die. 


Because he is outside his perfect environment.

But what happens if you put him back in the water and he catches his breath? 

You’re right  – he zooms off looking like a winning genius again.

A major reason why many people who have wanted success but have seeming fallen short of their goal is often because they are trying to do so outside their perfect environment. 

While I agree with the principle of ‘Modeling Success” or following the examples that successful have left behind, I have also found that you must never try to live by someone else’s rules – because you just may frustrate yourself trying to be someone you are not.

Here is the key…

You and I are good at doing a number of things well right? but we are usually amazing at doing a specific thing. So much so, that we look and act like geniuses in those moments – in those moments, realize that you are in your element!

I want you to think about situations or places you found yourself in that you seemed to really enjoy. 

Think about things that you did that seemed like a natural fit for you. When you were involved in these types of activities, didn’t they just feel right?

Well, the secret is to analyze your environments and determine those ones that you connect with; understand where and how you fit in with what your life offers, then move to align yourself to function from within your perfect environment as much as possible. 

This I’ve found, creates a bedrock for true and lasting happiness and success.

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