The Unique Greatness Factor

This factor is actually the culmination of all the previous factors into a powerful, success generating life tool that works around your uniqueness.

Unique greatness is so vital and important to you succeeding that God went to great lengths to make you totally different from everyone on this planet.

You are so unique that no one else has your identical fingerprint and DNA match.

Not only that, but even though a number of people on this planet may possess the same skills as you do, no one has the exact combination of personal experience, background, gifts, skills, abilities, knowledge, and God given purpose that you do.

Then if that wasn’t enough, God deposited gifts and abilities within you that only you can use and impact the world with. In essence, God deposited greatness within you that only you can share with the world.

But here’s the real problem…

We spend most of our lives and time trying to be someone except the person that we were created to be. We imitate, act like, and conform to everyone else standards then wonder why life does not seem to work out like it should.

If God was interested in your being someone else, He would have made two of that person and none of you; but He is more interested in what you have to offer the world from your own place of uniqueness.

Trying to succeed and win at life without taking a walk down unique greatness life path is like trying to start and drive your Mercedes Benz using your neighbor’s Toyota car keys.

Yes, they may both be car keys, but one is specifically crafted and designed to fit the ignition of each car, and switching them around will only make you more frustrated, produce no results, and make you late for your meeting.

Unique Greatness is that key that naturally fits your Life Success Vehicle because it is designed specifically for it.

Imagine being able to succeed in every area of your life while not having to stress yourself out trying to use someone else’s life formula, but to simply be yourself and win doing so.

So, What Is My Unique Greatness?

Your “Unique Greatness” is your unmatched, unequaled, God-given, first-class, highly significant abilities to affect change in this world. Whether it’s in the life of one person, or one million people, it is something that only you are created to do…and it fits your life perfectly. You must do this, because if you don’t, it may never get done!

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