Understand LIFE & Purpose Becomes Easy

Understand LIFE & Purpose Becomes Easy

Imagine you have a technical issue with the cable boxing for your television in your home, you call the cable company, and they assure you someone will be out shortly to fix your problem.

The guy arrives, checks out the cable box, tells you that it is a simple matter and that your wire connections only need to tighten with a wrench

As you’re watching him, you notice he pulls out a hammer and begins banging the cable box.

Confused, you ask, “what are you doing? I thought you needed a wrench to fix the problem?”

He looks at you and says, “yes I need a wrench, but I didn’t bring one, so I kinda figured if I hit it hard enough with a hammer, your connections might sort themselves out”.

What would be your immediate thoughts?

You’d think he was crazy right? You’d want the company to send you a true technician with a new box, and give you a month of free cable for wasting your time with this guy, who is clearly a fool right?

Heck, you’d probably do the really smart thing and get a new cable provider right?

And why would you have all of these thoughts and possibly emotions running through your mind concerning this small scenario?

It would probably be simply because you know that the problem can be fixed, but, this guy is clearly using the wrong approach, and that approach is taking things from bad to worse right?

And that is exactly why most people are frustrated with connecting with their purpose.

You see, figuring out purpose is not really difficult, nor is it impossible -it just depends on your approach.

I’ve always wondered, why would God want me to live with a sense of purpose, clarity, and direction in my everyday experience, then make purpose so seemingly difficult to figure out.

That was until I realized, that He didn’t make it difficult; actually, He made it so easy, that He took the time to write down the instructions – but most of us don’t read the instructions.

…and because we don’t, just like the cable guy, we make something simple, very difficult, because our approach is often wrong.

So let’s start with the basics…

Figuring out life purpose doesn’t start at purpose, rather, it starts at understanding what LIFE really is, and how it’s designed to work.

Think about this for a moment…

When you build a house, you don’t start with the roof first, do you? No, you start with the foundation, because you need something strong to support the roof right?

And here is something simple but important about foundations.

Foundations are often hidden; but without them, a house will never be able to stand against any challenges, and will possibly even be built as a weak and unsafe structure.

In the same way, life purpose is built on the foundation of, well, life. And a simple understanding of life, will give you more deeper wisdom to better understanding purpose.

Now I know you’re probably already thinking, “so, what is a simple understanding of life?”

Here’s a simple acronym for life which’ll shed more light on this.
L = Length of Days;
I = Investment of Resources;
F = Focus;
E = Engagement.

We all know that our lifetime, is the sum, or number of all of our days on this earth right? In Psalms 90:12, King David said something not only interesting, but something very important.

He said, …”So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”.

We all have a finite amount of time to wisely use the allotted time we’re give; to wisely invest the resources we have; to wisely focus on what’s truly important; and to wisely engage in what gives the best return for our time and energy traded.

You see, figuring out purpose is not really difficult, nor is it impossible -it just depends on your approach. 👉 Learn More: https://www.purposeunleashed.com/connect

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