So What’s YOUR Story?

I sat there crying in my bowl of cereal…

And no, I wasn’t watching some sad movie. It was a saturday morning, I was watching cartoons with my nephews, and while on commercial break, I flipped the channel a bit, and saw a special on CNN highlighting poverty young kids face around the world; and it really got to me how these kids with great potential inside, may never experience all they could be, because simple easy opportunities we take for granted, were not available to them.

I believe that like me, you too have a tug in your heart, I call it to “Pull Of Destiny”, to do something significant with your life; to make an impact in the world; to matter!

And the beauty of life is that what you’re feeling, is often put there by God to pull you towards the special contribution you are born to make with your life.

I believe more than ever, the world needs more courageous people, who, like Nike’s slogan, will “Just Do It!” – Question is, What’s Pulling You?”

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