The Power Of Your Life’s Giftings

He gave each of them a special gift, then left on a long journey.

Jesus told the story of a wealthy merchant who took a portion of what was his and gave talents to three of his servants, based on what they could handle. Two of them went and traded on what they had been given, but the other one found all types of excuses to hide his talent.

I believe that everyone has a gift, a talent that they have received from God, to become more than they are; to explore what they can achieve and to help them discover more of the purpose of God for their lives.

But far too often, people allow excuses to keep them from uncovering the unique and rich deposit of greatness God placed within them, to be a benefit and a blessing to the world, and to lead a more fulfilled life.

The gift you have within you right now is a powerful key to help unlock the doors to your assignment and purpose, but, it can only work if you put it to work.

Right where you are right now, and with the gifting already within you, you are enough for this stage of the fulfillment of your purpose; just have a little faith that God knows exactly what He is doing in your life, start to use your gifts for His glory, and watch what happens.

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