Reset: Thriving In A New Era

Reset & Thriving In A New Era

Let’s talk about how to reset your approach to life in midst of this shifting climate of disruption, so you can better position yourself to thrive in this new climate; because the truth is, we’re living in a new era where a lot of what we have normally done will be disrupted, and the people who are going to thrive will be those who can quickly improvise, adapt, and overcome anything.

So, the big question is, “what should you be focusing on and/or doing in this current season?”.

I’m going to walk you through a few ideas, so I want you to grab a pen and paper, or your journal, so you can make note of what you should be implementing in your life, right now!.

So let’s start with where most people are right now today in their mental and emotional state; because of what’s happening around us, most people are either reacting or responding. You can either react in fear, or you can respond in faith

Reacting (in fear) vs. Responding (in faith)

I was reading an email from a friend of mine earlier this week who talked about how people were either running out to buy stocks of toilet paper because they were reacting to what was happening around them, while another group was sitting and smiling at the new opportunities they were seeing in the stock market because everyone else was in a panic, and they were responding by buying new stock for very low prices as other were selling because of fear.

So, you don’t need to react in fear, rather, you should be responding in faith.

  • Point 1. You needn’t fear because you have the promises of God covering your life, but perhaps, we all need to begin doing life a little differently; Maybe it’s time to respond in faith by tapping those dreams in your heart.

  • Point 2. It’s not the lack of resources, it’s the lack of resourcefulness that will keep most people stuck in this new decade.

  • Note: Resourcefulness is simply using what you have to get what you need/want (it’s the attitude that there is always a way to get things done)

Okay, let’s talk about what I believe are your 4 greatest resources assets, as well as the assets you don’t own, but which can become available to you in this season if you would apply a little wisdom.

…and getting wisdom is as easy as asking for it. The Apostle James said in the book which bears his name in Chapter 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all…” 

Your 4 Greatest Assets

Firstly, here is how I define an asset for this discussion; it’s a combination of the dictionary’s definition and my personal perspective..

I define an asset as “a useful and/or desirable thing or quality, that if used with wisdom, can exponentially increase the quality of your life”.

Your Available Resource Assets

  • Your Time Asset – Everyone has a limited supply, however, you can do something called time-hacking to get more done with a good team (i.e. everyone only has 24 hours per day, however, when you have others helping you work on a project, their time also gets put into the equation as they can focus on some part of your project that you don’t need to spend time working on; now, you have literally expanded your available time;

  • Your Energy Asset: We all have a limited supply because there is only so much energy you have and can put out within an average day before you are physically and emotionally depleted; however, you can energy-hack the same way you time-hack. I have found that the best way to approach managing your energy, is to determine which times during the day you have the most mental clarity, focus, and emotional drive; it could be early morning or late afternoon; then, during those peak states, you focus on doing those things which are most important to your progress in various areas of life; I’ve found that this is an amazing way to work.

  • Your Experience & Knowledge Asset: Everyone has some level of experience and knowledge in some area along this journey we call life. Don’t overlook this power which you have.

    Now here is what I’ve learned about this journey; there will always be people ahead of you, because they have experienced more than you have, they have been on the journey longer; and, there will always be people behind you – because they don’t have the level of understanding and experience you have acquired over the years, and are possibly younger than you are. So in essence, if you’re 30 years old, someone who is 80, would probably have more life experience than you do, and someone who is 15, would probably have less right? But here is the power in this.

    Position yourself so that you are learning from those people in front of you and using the wisdom they share to improve your life, and then you turn and help those behind you on the path; this way you are always learning and growing, giving and helping – and that is one of the most powerful ways to live. The other great thing about your experience and knowledge asset is that you can always increase both of these resources in your life – and that is truly amazing.

  • Your Money/Financial Asset: Now, what I find interesting about this area is that most average people usually overlook the first three assets whenever they need to get something done, and focus on not having enough money as an excuse not to execute on their dreams; and uncommon people never do this. I want you to step into the circle of the uncommon and not use money as an excuse because like we talked about earlier, it’s not the lack or resources, but rather, the lack of resourcefulness which will keep you stuck.

    Now the great thing about money/financial assets is that whenever you expand and/or increase the first three resource assets, this resource often expands also; and there is no limit to its expansion. According to in a 2019 article, Bill Gates is the second richest man on the planet with $104 billion dollars; According to their calculations, if Gates spent $1 million dollars per day, it would take him 285 years to spend his fortune. So like I said, there is really no limit to how far this resource asset can expand.

  • Then, outside of your own resource assets, you can also leverage OPA (Other People’s Assets:
    • Other People’s Time, Wisdom, Knowledge, Experience: You can leverage either through learning from them via a personal relationship/connection or from a distance through their books, programs, courses etc.

      Now I want you to imagine the power you and I have at this very moment, to read a book that contains someone knowledge and experience that took them 30 years to acquire, and you can learn it all within 3 hours …that’s power
    • Other People’s Money, Financial Power: I want you to note that there are always investors looking for new ideas, innovations, and resourceful people to partner with for greater return; there is no shortage of money on this planet, it just takes resourcefulness to access it.

      You know, as a matter of fact, God is one of the greatest investors in the universe, and He is always looking for someone to partner with to do some amazing things in this world, so, you can always get to a higher dimension in your life and work through either human and/or divine partnership.
    • Other People’s Network: Here’s a really amazing concept – somewhere on this planet, someone already has access to a resource person you need/want to accomplish anything in your; this is why it’s so important to build and/or expand your personal network.

      King Solomon gave a hidden nugget of wisdom on this in Proverbs 18:24 when he said, “he that will have friends, must first show himself friendly”; Is your attitude towards friendship pulling people closer to you, or pushing them away? Only you can decide that!

Question (write this): What are some things I’ve always felt an urge to accomplish, but keep putting off because you feel you don’t have the resources? How can I leverage either my resources or other people’s resources to get this done?

Power Tip 1: Either you use what you have, or learn to become better friends with others, so you can leverage their power, and start progressing towards those dreams God has already put in your heart.

Power Tip 2: Jesus said, “give, and it shall be given unto you…”
Maybe, if you gave and became a better resource to others, they would want to be a better resource to you; Zig Ziglar said, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will always get what you want”; this is why we should all be thinking, “how can I help person xyz accomplish what they’re trying to do?” because in doing that, they’ll want to help you get your stuff done.,